Burglar Alarms

Why wait until a break in or an attempted break in to have home security or a burglar alarm fitted? With so many burglaries and attempted break-ins, don't leave it until its to late. Protect what is yours and deter any intruders by installing a MyAlarm Security Burglar Alarm system.

Based in Sidcup, Bexley on the borders of New Eltham, London and Kent, we offer a free survey/design where our highly skilled engineers will go through all the options with you. We don't send out a sales guy who has never picked up a tool and who just gives you a sales pitch, we send an experienced engineer who knows exactly what they are talking about and can explain all the features of the system that they will be installing along with advising the best positions for the equipment. With over 25 years of experience in domestic and commercial security, our engineers know the equipment and security systems they fit inside out.

We offer the latest in smart technology with home and business intruder alarms that can be linked to your smart phone or tablet that can be fully app controlled from anywhere in the world providing there is an internet connection and an active app subscription. Our burglar alarms systems also send live descriptive notifications, notifying you if your intruder alarm has been activated and in what room the activation occurred and with a number of different ways to set/unset the system using a PIN, a key fob, a remote or via the app, it really is easy to protect what is yours for your own peace of mind.

Wireless technology has come so far over the years and is now as reliable as a wired home security house alarm or business premises alarm system, but without the disruption of adding cables in and around your property. We have created some packages below however we can tailor build any package to suit your property or requirements. Additional movement sensors, vibration sensors, door contacts, strobe lights for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, key fobs and key tags can be added to any of our packages.

We also offer pet friendly sensors so that your animal friends do not activate the alarm when it is set. These pet friendly motion sensors can be used for pets up to approx 24kg and are a great way of keeping peace of mind whilst leaving your pets to roam their home. We can create any package to suit your needs and can add additional sensors, keyfobs, keytags, door contacts etc to any of our packages below.

All of our burglar alarm systems can be programmed with various settings so you can have a full set for when your are out of the house which would arm all sensors and contacts or a night time set which arms certain sensors whilst you sleep (allowing you to go to the bathroom during the night for example without setting the whole alarm off). You can also pick and choose within the app to arm/disarm any of the sensors at any time.

What does the app do?

The app allows you to set and unset your alarm from anywhere in the world providing you have internet. The app will also alert you if your alarm is activated and will notify you which sensor/s have been triggered. An active internet connection and app subscription is required for app use. The app subscription is free for the first year after installation. If you would like to continue with the app, there is a £20 annual subscription fee to be paid. If you do not wish to resubscribe to the app, this doesn't affect your alarm system which can still be set and unset from the panel however you will not be able to remotely access through the app or receive any notifications whilst you are away from the property.

Servicing and maintaining your system.

As with everything, equipment and batteries have a life span. The manufacturer suggests that internal batteries for wireless systems can last approximately 12-18 months but should be replaced annually to avoid any low battery system faults. We recommend that panel batteries and the external bell siren battery should be replaced every 2 years unless showing as a low battery fault on your panel before this time.

Already have an alarm?

Have an existing alarm system that you would like looked at, serviced, repaired or upgraded? Maybe it needs some battery changes or is showing a fault? We've been in the trade for well over 25 years and know most alarm systems - both old and new, so don't hesitate to get in contact. We service alarm systems both old and new regardless of if they was installed by us so if your system needs an alarm battery, Contact Us and we can help. Don't worry if you don't know the make or model of your system, just send us a photo of the panel and we can ID it for you. From replacing a worn keypad to a full upgrade we can do it all. Contact Us for more information.

Why not pair one of our Home Burglar Alarm Systems with a professionally installed CCTV System for the ultimate in home and business security.

Take a look in our Special Offers area to view our excellent pre built CCTV and burglar alarm packages.

We are a family run business based in Sidcup right on the borders of New Eltham. We provide our services in Bexley, Bromley, Orpington, Dartford, Gravesend, Greenwich and surrounding areas.

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