Complete Security In New Eltham

Posted By: MyAlarm Security | Posted Date: Thursday, June 28, 2018

Complete Security in New Eltham

We have lots of enquiries lately for Burglar Alarms and CCTV in New Eltham, this property in New Eltham on the Sidcup and Bexley borders enquired about a CCTV install and was soon blown away by the app control for both the Burglar Alarm and CCTV Systems.

This customer in New Eltham/Sidcup on the Bexley border had the Burglar Alarm System upgraded and took advantage of our complimentary backlit siren and dummy.

Our logic is that you receive a descriptive notification from the Burglar Alarm and then can instantly check your Home with the CCTV Systems app. You become your own monitoring station.

You can see from this picture that we can expertly achieve some amazing positions for the CCTV cameras for optimum coverage.

Home Alarm Sidcup

CCTV System Sidcup

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Complete Security In New Eltham