Car Defender By Pyronix

Posted By: MyAlarm Security | Posted Date: Thursday, February 22, 2024

The Pyronix Car Defender has been designed to prevent vehicles from being stolen, especially keyless car thefts, or from vehicle break in, especially vans, by triggering your property burglar alarm when an attempt is made. These devices are easy to install - they just wrap round your steering wheel, or internally on your doors. When movement or vibration is detected, your property burglar alarm will activate.

These car defenders can be linked up to any of our wireless burglar alarm systems. They can have their own unique setting, so when you are in the premises and the vehicle is outside, you can arm just the vehicle sensor. It can also be programmed in to a bed set and any other settings you have on your alarm system.

See our burglar alarm packages here or alternatively contact us to have one of these car defenders added to your system.

Have a look at this video for full information on the car defender and see for yourself how it works: Car Defender Video.

Car Defender By Pyronix