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Posted By: MyAlarm Security | Posted Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

App Controlled Burglar Alarm System

You may not have seen what our app looks like so we thought we would explain a little more.

Our app is accessible to you anywhere in the world via the higest encrypted secure connection to a cloud based system providing you have a stable internet connection.

Once you open the app you are then prompted to enter your unique code which will then display a layout of your different areas with padlocks for each. At this point, you can simply tap on the area you want to set and the alarm system will then start the setting procedure for that area. It really is as simple and easy as that. Alternatively if any area is already set, tapping that area will turn it off.

You can open the app and check the status of your alarm system at any time. You can check the event log and even omit specific circuits if you have a friend staying in a room that may already have a sensor, meaning the rest of the system can be armed.

If your alarm system is triggered, you will then receive live descripted notifications of the specific room the alarm has been triggered and not only that, but if the intruder moves in to another room where a sensor is situated it will send that notification as well giving you confirmation that somebody is moving within the property.

This app lets you have complete control and confidence that your home is secure with MyAlarm Security.

Take a look at some of our popular burglar alarm system packages here. We have created some of the most popular equipment and have created packages but rest assured that we can create ANY package to suit your property or requirements. Maybe you need more room sensors or more window and door sensors? Maybe you have someone in the property who is deaf or hard of hearing? Or maybe you need extra keyfobs for the cleaner or your teenagers? Not a problem. We can create a package to suit your needs. We also offer CCTV packages as well as Door Entry and Access Control.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or queries you may have. Our friendly team are always happy to help.

App Control